Positive Energy (2013)

Cover von Andi Herzog's drittem Remix Tape, "Positive Energy"


  1. Edward Maya - Stereo Love (Andi Herzog Remix)
  2. Gyptian - Overtime (Andi Herzog Remix)
  3. Tito Lopez - The Blues (Andi Herzog Remix)
  4. Rob Fusari - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Andi Herzog Remix)
  5. Ca$h Out - Cashin Out (Andi Herzog Remix)
  6. Norman Doray and NERVO ft. Cookie - Something To Believe In (Andi Herzog Remix)
  7. Shawty Putt - Dat Baby (Andi Herzog Remix)
  8. Good Old War - Amazing Eyes (Andi Herzog Remix)
  9. Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break (Andi Herzog Remix)
  10. Ja Rule - Clap Back (Andi Herzog Remix)
  11. Carl Henry - Trippin (Andi Herzog Remix)
  12. The Knocks - Modern Hearts (Andi Herzog Remix)
  13. My Midnight Heart - Solace (Andi Herzog Remix)

4 Gedanken zu „Positive Energy (2013)

  1. There’s no better way to start off your weekend…so open your ears to ANDY HERZOG‘s spin on THE KNOCK’s single Modern Hearts. The track is coming his third remix tape, Positive Energy.

    Born in Russia, now living in Germany, this EDM producer starting experimenting with beats from the age of eight and by the age of was 15, he started producing and releasing remixes, leading up to the release of his remix tapes, Lil Bro Remix Vol. 1 in 2010 and Long Nights Short Days in 2012.

    In the latest project, Positive Energy, Herzog was not afraid of pushing EDM to the absolute limit – he fuses the genre with pop, hip-hop and reggae – worth a listen.

    Modern Hearts got the hot spot as it features that dense bassline that will make you want to hit the dance floor – even if you’re not in the mood – so check it out. If you’re feeling this track, pop over to his SoundCloud page and have a blast with his remix tapes.

  2. Music Producer Andi Herzong have release his 3rd remix tape entitled Positive Energy. The whole tape will have you upbeat and grooving for sure. Make sure to check his other remix tapes Lil Bro Remix Vol. 1 and Long Nights Short Days. Get your dance on to Positive Energy below.

  3. Being a producer, its easy to appreciate when someone puts music together well. Not just making a beat, but putting the entire composition together. Being a dj, its easy to identity bangers, songs that have radio appeal or songs that will make people go crazy in the club etc. This project from music producer and remixer Andi Herzog has all of the above and then some.

    The project, entitled “Positive Energy”, is just that. Full of popular songs from all different genres, the tape boasts upbeat remixes and creative takes on each record, showing Andi’s range as a producer and composer.

    On Cash Out’s Cashing Out Remix, Andi gave the track a more trap kind of feel and then switched the mood completely by flipping the beat double time on the second verse. On the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Andi flexes his engineering muscle, providing tons of technical chops to his arrangement over top of an awesomely composed EDM track that sounded extremely commercial and marketable. He wraps the tape up with slower “My Midnight Heart”, showing off his R&B production with one of the coolest, piano-driven beats I’ve heard in a minute.

    Positive Energy is the perfect name for this project because this project gives off a “have a good time” vibe and judging by the flare and attention to detail he put into the tape Im almost certain Andi had as great of a time putting it together as I did listening to it. The 13 song mixtape doesn’t feel drawn out, nor does it feel too short since each track is action-packed with something that will catch your attention or make you move. My overall opinion of the tape was that it was hands down one of the most creative things I’ve heard in a while. The production on all tracks mesh perfectly with the vocals and Andi’s ability to take songs from different genres and give them a consistent feel throughout the entire tape made the project exciting to listen to. I definitely recommend this to my fellow DJ’s and fans of good music.

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